the plain label family

the generic husband, wife and children

in an effort to give each of us a place on the internet to share

our plain label lives, we decided to open this plain label web site.

the concept of the plain label family comes about mainly because we

are pretty much, normal, everyday people. nothing special, just folks

living our lives to the fullest, doing the best we can with what the good

lord gives us.

to identify ourselves:

jim keith - the plain label dad - the generic father figure

beverly keith - the plain label mom - the generic mother figure

heather keith-conrad - the plain label daughter - first of two

michael conrad - the plain label son in law

tristan conrad - the plan label grandson - first of two

canyon conrad - the plain label grandson - second of two

holly noel keith - plain label daughter - second of two

hopefully, each of us will have our place on this site where we can share our lives, our goals, our hobbies, dreams and ideas.


note: jim keith, as part of his stand up comedy career, developed and copywrited "the plain label dad, the generic father figure" as part of his comedy routine in 1990 using those words and phrases on t shirts, photos, biographies, news media and published articles.